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In Suffering by BITE

This is the official website of BITE. A five-piece metal-band from Leipzig Germany. Build from ex-members of Bands like Annisokay and Agash in 2019. Rooted in the german metal- and hardcore-scene, this band is a full DIY-Band with over 10 years of experience in making and playing music. The mission is simple:

„BITE are making heavy music without compromise. We want to move people, like going crazy, dance until their heads explode…“

…but also:

„We want to test out the power of going our own way, without the support of any recordlabels or managers. How far can we go only with our own knowledge, will and passion?“

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For Fans of Kublai Khan, Justice for the Damned, Nasty, Reduction, Hatebreed, Emmure, Alphawolf – Bite is the heaviest band in germany right now with brutal breakdowns, heavy slams and a really aggressive pissed-off voice.

„Die heftiste Band Deutschlands!“

„Die brutalste Band Deutschlands kommt aus Leipzig!“

Irgendein random Dude an der Bar

Stay Heavy!